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What is FORESITE 360?

FORESITE 360 is designed to give your child a healthier life

Fore uses the latest DNA technology to uncover disease risk factors hidden in your child’s DNA.

A clinical whole genome sequencing test looks at a person’s entire genetic code – 22,000 genes associated with hundreds of clinically manageable medical conditions.

Fore’s “sequence everything” approach can be used to gain a better understanding of current medical problems, gain information about future disease risk to guide preventative healthcare decisions, fill in gaps in family history, or provide information to relatives and future generations.

FORESITE 360 is designed to screen for approximately 250 conditions that can be informative and managed from a young age and our support doesn’t end there: as your child grows up, we will continue to provide age-relevant insight and guidance informed by the latest advances in medical science by simply re-analyzing the data since we’ve “sequenced everything”. 

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks. Be proactive and prepare for your child’s medical future with Fore.

A comprehensive view of your
child’s health

Discover the conditions your child may be at risk of developing and act early:

Find the correct treatments

Avoid unnecessary trial and error. Discover which treatments and medications your child will best respond to:

Enjoy lifelong support

Receive continued support, updates and guidance as your child grows and medical science develops:
How it works


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1. Register Online

Create an account on our secure online portal, complete consent and fill in required information about your child. FORESITE 360 Parent Portal allows access the latest genomics developments and specific information about your child.

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2. Collect and Send Sample

After ordering, Fore will ship an easy-to-use at home saliva collection kit.

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3. Sequencing and Analysis

Fore's affiliated labs will provide high quality, clinical grade DNA sequencing on the latest technology with analysis resulting in a clinical report that will highlight variances in your child’s DNA that can be proactively managed – Don’t worry, Fore’s team of genetic counselors and physicians is standing by to provide support and guidance when results are delivered.

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4. Re-Analysis & Updated Reporting

Fore provides guidance to help understand any syndrome, the associated gene, and the latest research to help make genomics more accessible. Fore will re-analyze the data annually to incorporate new clinical discovery as well as age appropriate and individualized information as your child grows.

Start your journey today!

Mapping out your child’s genetics should be available to everyone and easy to use and understand. Our team is on hand to address your concerns or answer any questions.